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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
Florida coach Thornqvist noted that one thing he wants to change in college tennis is to have it on TV.
Reading that article got me started thinking the same way.

I think tennis channel can do this. Might be for the championship matches to begin with. They can get commercial sponsors. Having college tennis on TV will also expand audience demographically. Think about parents and juniors now watching college tennis. They are target consumers for lots and lots of commercial products and services.
If there are needs from TV audience, commercial ads revenue should cover the cost.
Tennis recruiting network website's major revenue had shifted from membership fee to selling ads now. The reason was because lots and lots of parents, juniors and coaches visit the site.
I will try to start a poll in junior forum to see if people wants to see college tennis on TV.

Here is Coach Thornqvist interview article.
Great points. I would watch collegiate tennis all the time (have watched it twice in person).
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