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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
Re the Battersea Power Station site, I always thought that an unconventional stadium design, similar to the Indianapolis Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium, would fit well in that setting.

It is on the river, and seen by thousands travelling into Victoria on commutes, out of town, or abroad (from Gatwick), so the site really deserves something more attractive than another identikit bowl.

A warehouse design, incorporating the four smoke stacks in the corners, and with a much more open roof area (to allow for a natural grass pitch), would make it the most iconic stadium in the country, while also being in keeping with London's heritage.

Looks like it will be flats instead though!
That is a really impressive stadium! I don't like how the corners aren't filled in with the one Chelsea proposed, also the gap between the pitch and the fans is too big. I'd like the fans to be right on the edge of the pitch, with very steep stands so the players feel like they're on top of them. That has to be intimidating for the opposition.

I agree it is an amazing opportunity not just for Chelsea, but for London in general. It would be fine by me to keep Stamford Bridge, but the Londoners i've heard speak about the proposed design all have been backing it as they want something unique and different in their City.
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