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Originally Posted by tudwell View Post
Why is today's era stronger, Dark Knight? Because no one is capable of penetrating the duopoly that sits at the top, whereas in 2003 it was far more competitive and players weren't afraid to win slams and push for the number one ranking? Is it because Djokovic and Nadal have no one their age pushing them whereas Federer had tons of great players his age that he had to contend with and overcome to dominate the way he did? I'm really missing something here, if you could please explain.
Because according to the Dark Knight and ***(all on my ignore list):

* 11 slams > 16 slams
* 3 goats > 1 goat
* old Fed is playing his best tennis, but Nadal 2004-07 doesn't count b/c he's still a baby
* level competition only includes the top 3 players, not the entire field
* GS final match is the be-all and end-all, the previous 6 matches is pointless
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