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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
LOL You're not sure of the stats...Then why post?

Rafa leads the h2h on clay, Fed leads on HC and Grass.

Getting more specific, Rafa leads the outdoor HC h2h, Fed is undefeated indoors.

Rafa leads Fed overall 18-10. He dominates that rivalry. What's there to even argue about?
You don't need to know the exact year Lenin won to know that the communist part won the revolution.

I'm not sure of the exact numbers but Fed does much better in a best of three than a best of five against nadal. It's a fact.

You say it's 8-7 nadal leads in best of three. I don't know but ok .....isn't that a heck of a lot better than 10-3 in best of five ??

Feds problem therefore is clearly a best of five.

The difference is gigantic.
"Federer has to beat Nadal(if he wants) to be considered the greatest ever, certainly in my book." Pete Sampras
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