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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Because you simply try and explain everything away . You are able to argue that the sky is not really blue and go in forever.

But when Federer himself and every other Goat cannot convince you then it's time to admit that you simply refuse to see that which is true.

You plug up your ears like a child and stamp your feet . You dig in your heels and even at gunpoint you wouldn't admit it.
I haven't explained anything away. I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't been the one making excuses for Fed's losses. I'm not trying to "explain things away".

Your premise is that the top 3 are all that matters in tennis. I disagree. It's really as simple as that.

Additionally, the talking heads and past and present players are all representing tennis. Each one of them is attempting to gain support and interest in tennis, especially the people in the United States, where tennis sorely lacks popularity and viewership. Additionally, the media deals in hyperbole, so forgive me for not blindly buying in to everything said on TV and in interviews.

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