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Originally Posted by Funbun View Post
I suggest the OP also check their technique. Such a minimal change in grip size shouldn't cause that much of a wrist issue.

In TomT's case, the grip change was, I'm sure, more dramatic. However, Something as small as adding an overgrip or changing 1/8 of grip size shouldn't be any problem at all. Consult with your coach, definitely. Or ask some pro.
Thanks. I've been experimenting with other grip sizes (just stroking at home without actually hitting any balls), and I'm guessing that grip size wasn't the reason for my minor injury.

There's two other possibilities that stand out in my mind:
1. Putting more twist on my second serve.
2. Trying to do too much too soon (I'm ~65, and just getting back into competitive tennis).

I'm tending toward #2 as the most likely reason. When my hand heals I think I'll take at least a day or two between competitive matches.
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