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Originally Posted by SempreSami View Post
I'd have loved for Chelsea to get Battersea Power Station, if only because I can't believe anyone could want to sit in the bottom tier of the West Stand at Stamford Bridge more than once.
Yeah, it's not the best ground, most Chelsea fans will admit that. From a business point of view it makes alot of sense to move, especially to somewhere as iconic with the potential the site at Battersea has.

It's just the memories we have of Stamford Bridge that keeps the fans wanting to stay, which is understandable. Those European nights against Liverpool, the parades leaving from the stadium after the titles and Champions League, the Barcelona ties, the FA Cup runs in the 70's, the fans saving the ground in the '90's.

No doubt Battersea is a stunning site on the river, especially at night. If we were to leave the Bridge, I think that would be the place fans would take to. It's only 3 and a bit miles away so it's not too big a move considering it's a small area.
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