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Originally Posted by chaddles View Post
The Pro & the HS are 2 of the best strings released in the last couple of years. The feel for a poly is brilliant, and just does everything really well. Gave it a good run today in a BLX Blade 98 and forgot the great comfort & nice power it gives, especially when you really rip into a top spin down the line shot.

The main difference I found between the HS & Pro was the HS was a slightly firmer feeling string but played pretty similar.
Originally Posted by syke View Post
Yes the Pro is soft and great for the arm. Tension maintenance is pretty good as well. The highlight of this string is the bright yellow color, simply awesome.

My favourite string in this price range is still the Yonex PolyTour Spin. Beats all the different MSV CoF strings I have tried, with the exception of the smooth coating and possibly tension maintenance.
If YPTP is so good, how come all the rage now and not 2 years ago when it came out? The and TW customers' reviews are very favorable overall. Yet I (and I assume most of the tennis community) didn't really know about this supposedly great string until Torres came back from exile and talked about it. I've ordered 2 sets from TW to see for myself. I'm just looking for an ALU, Ltec replacement that is easy on the arm. I'm hoping YPTP is the one.
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