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Originally Posted by TenFanLA View Post
If YPTP is so good, how come all the rage now and not 2 years ago when it came out? The and TW customers' reviews are very favorable overall. Yet I (and I assume most of the tennis community) didn't really know about this supposedly great string until Torres came back from exile and talked about it. I've ordered 2 sets from TW to see for myself. I'm just looking for an ALU, Ltec replacement that is easy on the arm. I'm hoping YPTP is the one.
It could be that Yonex aren't known for their strings.
Besides our benchmarks for comparison could be different.

String A might be the softest and most arm arm friendly amongst the selected few I have played, but for you it could only be average.

Our preference and how we perceive the playability of each string varies as well.
A muted string might be viewed as soft, while a lively string as harsh.

The YPTP compared to the ALU is definitely more friendly to the arm. But is that difference sufficient in your situation? $8.95 is just a little more than a Big Mac meal, only you will know best. Buy one, try it out. Don't like it, cut it out. I do that all the time.
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