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Default Should I take the forfeit or let it slide?

Just signed up for the local singles ladder and scheduled my first match for this morning. The guy sends me a message through the league website yesterday at noon asking to move the match from 8:30 to 8. I saw the message around 10 last night and sent him a text letting him know that 8 was fine.

I showed up at 7:50ish, and practiced my serve for a while. Finally at 8:20 he leaves me a message telling me that he hurt his back last night and couldn't make it.

I know I have every right to take the win, but it feels cheap to get a win in my first ladder match that way. On the other hand, if he hurt his back last night, it sure would have been nice if he had let me know earlier so I didn't have to wake up early on my Sunday and drive to the park for nothing. What should I do?

I have another match before work tomorrow morning, so at least I'll get a real result soon.
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