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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Exactly! If it wasn't for the fact that the shop was out of 16g, I would have gone for that because the thickness would have blocked out more of the background for my opponents and offered even more disguise of the ball against the strings. That fluorescent yellow has alot of hidden advantages. I'm going to email Yonex to see if they do a 15g for even more disguise. That coupled with the cheap reel price and the fact that I needed something to contrast Bartelby's black and blue RF outfit, headband, shoes and socks and it was a no brainer!

Wasn't bad but only seemed to work with silver balls.
I was playing with a buddy of mine just yesterday, loan him my racquet strung with the YPTP. Got a real taste of my own medicine.

Eveytime he hits the ball, there's a spilt second I couldn't tell where the ball is.
These strings are like cheating..

Just this advantage alone, outweighs all the negativity this string might have. And it's such an affordable string.
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