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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
My friend, you are simply wrong and very much so for saying that others are. Your ideal sports drink would consist of 4 things: simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, BCAAs and electrolytes. Why? It takes time for complex carbs and protein to be converted into fuel. When your body is at max performance, you are not concerned with rebuilding muscle. You are concerned with flushing out lactic acid and having a supply of energy ready for your muscles. For cellular operation to function properly, you need the electrolytes. For long term protein synthesis, you need your BCAAs (hence why they are typically in recovery drinks rather than sport drinks). For long term energy, you need complex carbohydrates.

However, to get out of a slump, you NEED simple sugars. There is no way around it. Your brain and muscles need glycogen to function and the faster they get their fuel, the faster your body can start processing everything else into what you'll need for the long term. This is the philosophy behind Accelerade, NUUN (which are electrolyte tablets sans sugar to put in your water), and my personal favorite, Hammer gels. The key is taking these things before you need them. If you crash or bonk, you must supplement with sugar in some form to get your muscles going again. That means take a few swigs of gatorade, throw down a banana and a gel and boom, you're off. BCAAs are not the answer, nor is simple sugar, nor are complex carbs, nor are electrolytes. For higher intensity or endurance training, you must have all four.
As I state in post #48, I normally eat a high carb meal before a match. I generally find it gives me more than enough carbs to sustain me throughout a match, and with my high blood sugar problems I err on the side of less sugar so I don't develop type II diabetes, which is very common. Carbs are you fuel tank. Fat is your reserve tank. Most of us actually wouldn't mind using up some of our reserves anyway.
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