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Originally Posted by CDestroyer View Post
Thats one of the dumbest things I have read on this board.

What else ya got alcohol does not "provide a buzz". LOL
Caffeine is a natural drug that stimulate brain function. It is known to boost the effects of the neurotransmitters. This may seem like energy but it is not.

The human body converts food that contain energy in to energy that our cells use. The issue that Ramon has is, energy production requires food that primarly contains proteins and carbohydrates. BCCA alone does not affect the body's energy source as the body does not convert BCCA into energy. What BCCA does in combination with Proteins is enable the body to consume the energy (converted via proteins) differently affecting the users consumption of the body energy. This why is you get sustain energy in conjunction with other proteins.

This is why 10g of BCCA does not equal 10g of protein.

If you want sustaind energy during exercise, its advised that you use BCCA with another source of energy like proteins etc. Water and other types of energy drinks need to be supplimented with food. A continuous source of energy starting with breakfast, lunch and suppliments during the day will keep you covered.

Drink in sips and stay in the shade when you can.

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