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I got one of these and have only hit with it once. So far it has been a pleasant surprise. Pretty powerful, comfortable and easy to swing. I have only used it in stock form with TF Blackcode mains 57 and TF NRG2 at 55 in the crosses. I have only played doubles so far.

Groundstrokes were easy. I was hittting the ball deep, consistently and with good spin. Crazy pace and pound high balls was fun. So, pretty pleased but I have not hit that many groundstrokes because it was doubles.

Serving was fairly comfortable and I was crushing the ball on flats. Slice serves were good and kickers sat up a bit, with not as much pace and directional control as I would have wanted. I paid for a few sitters.

Volleying was okay, I was not super confident. Half-volleys and pick-ups were terrible. I think I missed every pick-up, quite embarrassing. Lack of weight was very apparent for me here.

Serve returns were okay, but I lacked confidence. I dumped a few backhands into the net.

I will add weight for my next hit some time this next week. I also hope I am not forced to play doubles this time.
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