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Originally Posted by tlimster View Post
I had a Pure Drive 2012 and traded it for a Formula 100. I also have a pro stock Roddick GT+ that I hit with on occasion. The PD 2012 is more comfortable than the Roddick GT+, but the Formula 100 is the most comfortable. It is muted and you have to get used to the feel. I would also say the PD has slightly more power.

The PD 2012 is definitely a great racket, and I never tried it with my current string setup. The issue for me with that racket was that I would occasionally get flyers. Plus, after an hour of hitting I would feel it in my wrist and elbow.

That said, the paint job on the PD blows the Formula 100 away. My F100s are already losing paint on the sides.
donnay paint is bad. specs can also vary quite a bit. I should have bought matching spec'd racquets but could only buy 1 at a time over the last 9 months.
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