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Originally Posted by YesTennis View Post
Do you use WD-40 or the equivalent or is it just generic silicone spray?
Generic silicone spray

Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Silicone spray can be found using trusty old Google. It run $5 - $13 a can. Seems to be readily available. If it does enhance spin, it should be banned.
It's a bit more than $2 at Walmart

Originally Posted by TennisD View Post
No, he's actually very, very right. It's a massive waste of time and effort for a rec player.
Originally Posted by Yourtenniscoach View Post
Falls in line with rec players playing with poly strings, IMO.
There are many rec players (4.0+) who can put enough topspin on a tennis ball to feel the effects of poly string... or in this case a string lubricant. The effect is magnified as the racquet head speed increases. I'd be more concerned with what it's doing to their arms.

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