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I have:
Black Magic 17 (13)
Gamma Professional 17 (, 16 Spin (4)
Genesis Blizzard Syn Gut 17, full reel
Genesis Xplosion 17, full reel, unopened
Isospeed Professional 17 classic (2)
Mamba Premium Gut 16, natural (5.5)
Polyweb Elixir guitar strings, 11ís
Nanoweb Elixir guitar strings, 13ís
Martin Acoustic SP, custom light/light

I want:
Signum Pro Tornado 16
Big Hitter Blue 16, smooth
Big Hitter Black 16
ALU Power 16L, smooth preferred
Any comparable 16g polyís to the ones above
Any 16g natural gut that can be strung to 60lbs. I prefer stiff gut like Genesis and Pacific Tough Gut
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