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Originally Posted by tank_job View Post
I'm being serious, EVERY SINGLE person who I've talked to about tennis has never had a single positive thing to say about Murray.

Responses about him range from "oh, I just turn off the TV whenever he's playing", to "I saw him live and couldn't connect with him at all - I ended up supporting his opponent", to "whining twat", to "hands down the most unpleasant person in sport".

And Britain is meant to be the place that 99% of Murray supporters live.

You guys may think that Nadal is the most hated tennis player out there - but that's only in tennis forums (if you actually ask most people, they love Nadal).

In the real world - Murray takes the title of most hated sportsman of all time with superlative ease.

So what is it about Andy Murray that makes him the most hated sportsman of all time?
This must explain why companies shun him and he has no endorsements worth millions of pounds. Oh wait....
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