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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I may give this string a run if it stands out to you guys as anything special. My 3rd stick is kind of my string experiment racquet. I currently have a kevlar hybrid in there that plays prety well.

Just a different launch off the bed compared to my gut poly setup, so it is a little tough to adjust to.
I will tell you PP to not waste your money on it. It just an "alright" poly string. Bought it to test it with the Yonex Xi 98 (strung at 47) and while it was soft, I didnt found good control like BHBR, Typhoon or Mosquito Bite to mention a few.
I did bought the new Black version and not the yellow the guys have mention.
The blue "spin version" gave me shoulder pain in one hour session(i never have shoulder pain) and that was in the crosses with one set of Mamba gut (i have left) in the mains. Once again this was in the Xi 98.

PS. I almost couldn't string the mamba gut in the mains...too thick, almost break the grommets.
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