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Default Help me pick my next machine

Hi everyone,

I'm considering upgrading to a new stringing machine. I've been using an Eagnas Hawk with a Wise (pictured here). It gets the job done nicely, but I'd like a more modern, faster, mounting system and better fit and finish.

I think I know what I'd like feature-wise:
  1. 6-point Mounting
  2. Suspension Mounting
  3. Cam-lock clamp bases

Since I already own a Wise, I'm inclined to get a high-quality lock-out machine and leave the crank in the box. I like the idea of getting an all-out professional machine with an integrated electronic tensioner, but I can't justify spending more on a stringer than I spent on my motorcycle.

I've looked through the Eagnas and Gamma line-ups, and the Gamma 6004 6-point SC is my front-runner.

I'd like suggestions for what other companies' stringers might fit the bill and why they're better than the 6004.

Also, my favorite feature of my Eagnas machine is its clamps; they're pretty good copies of a fantastic Babolat design. Does anyone happen to know if I'd be able to use them with Gamma's clamp bases?

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