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I have been reading this forum for some years every now and then, but not posting much. Now I thought I should.

I have been demoing and switching racquets for quite some time, originally starting due to shoulder and arm problems. I liked the Wilson K-Factor 95 16x18 a lot, but it was a bit heavy on longer clay matches. After that I have experienced Blades, PD, being way too stiff for my arm.

Recently I have demoed around 10 - 15 different setups, Head Radical YT Pro, IG MP, Prestige IG S and MP, four Princes, Prostaff 6.1 BLX's etc. All were either too stiff, powerful or difficult/not powerful enough. I have never considered buying a racuqet without demoing.

Today I received and played one hour with the Donnay Formula 100, which I bought from TW based on the discussions on this forum, and the TW reviews. So, essentially bought it based on social media feedback, a first ever for me. How was it?

One word, Great, at least so far. Today played inside, tomorrow I will have a go at clay. It felt solid, and first time I got the feel of stability (kind of "thud" feeling) in the racquet during my hits, which I remember from the K95. I had good power on my serves and groundstrokes, but at no time did the racquet feel overly powerful. Pretty good control as well. Return of serve was good, as was blocking back hard hit serves or groundies. Touch was there as well, evidenced by some nice drop shots on returns and a half-volley pick up at net.

Playing indoors with new balls, against a hard hitting player is probably a good test for arm problems as well. Nothing to report there, no irritation in the forearm, no ache or stiffness in the shoulder, feels as this is a comfortable and arm-friendly racquet while being very stable and firm in its playing response.

Whether this ill be my playing racquet for the coming times, I don't yet know. The main reason for that is that I will also get to test the Donnay Pro One

So far, this is the racquet, and tomorrow it will get tested on clay.
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