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Originally Posted by PDJ View Post
I disagree slightly: I think henman was very popular but could frustrate with some of his results. Or we just expected too much.
That forlorn phrase 'Come on Tim!' has long since passed into the English language I think.

Originally Posted by PDJ View Post
Re Murray. I'm English. I dont hate Murray. But then neither do I root for him, as I just can't warm to him. I also know few people who like him, but hate would be rather strong. I'm not convinced that people engage with Murray that much to detest him to that degree- altho reading previous posts it seems some think him a deity and others practically Satan!
I've never come across anyone on here who thinks he is a deity but there are plenty on here who seem to see him as a sort of Satan. I feel sure many of them are disgruntled England football fans who never quite got the jokey exchange that once passed between Henman and Murray about the relative chances of the England and Scotland football teams at the last World Cup. Henman made fun of Scotland's chances so Murray then made a dig at England. All in good fun and anyone in Britain with an ounce of sense well understands the long-standing football rivalry between English and Scottish football supporters. But you never hear reports of any Scottish tennis fans posting hate threads about Henman!!
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."
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