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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Hah! Fave post of the day.

GOAT idiot of the year on TW was probably '99-01...oldies but goodies. This era is weak in comparison. I mean, these days we know all the comments are coming from those with strJange new sprigs of hair growth. But back then, we thought TW and other chat boards were the 'pubs' of the 21st century...adults only. Nothing like someone offering to meet you for a 'throw down' in some airport in flyover country.

Wife: "What's this!? $300 flight to Wichita last Wednesday?"

Me: "Yeah, sorry babe. Got into a heated argument about guys with two-handed backhands being cooters and was challenged to a fight on the TW boards. The guy was from the east coast, so we arranged a meet-up halfway".
Wow! You (and TW) go back that far? Time - she is a'flyin'. If someone could direct me to an archive of the early days of Talk Tennis (I gave it a short, unfruitful effort), I'd have no problem blowing thirty minutes or an hour reading the ancient script.
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