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Both teams took big hits from their senior lineups moving on and don't seem to have incoming power or potential at near the level they have outgoing. On paper Stanford recruited stronger, but I don't see any contribution from them this year. Freshman at top 10 teams don't typically contribute that much till second year & beyond, when they move solidly into the lineup or onto the bench, and this won't be any different. They are certainly not as strong at 1-3 compared to the last several years. They have a lot of players in the end range it seems, incoming and existing. So I expect them to struggle a lot this year without significant change. Cal lost some top dogs too and I think some of their guys can step it up while another or two seems the growth has leveled off, so I am not sure what to expect of them. (I'm not a fan of identifying players cause I think they are just kids working their *****es off and I totally respect that effort). I have to think there is a foreign player hiding around the corner on one or both of these teams, don't you? Someone we don't see on the radar that will show up in January? They both need experience, not newbs, so we shall see!

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