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Default The plague of the opposing doubles partner who 'did not see !'

Following a spell of hard graft on my serve which has delivered some extra pace, depth and placement I am increasingly being bothered by the plague of the opposing doubles partner who 'did not see' where my serve landed relative to the service line despite the fact they are were standing on the service line (ie perfectly placed with little else to do while their partner tried to return serve).

I have learnt to accept the quirk of iffy line calls by the opposing baseline player as I realise that it is very hard to call correctly when you are on top of the ball and that the net player is not best placed even if they do happen to be looking behind them. However, I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the frequency with which my new improved first serve is being called out by the receiver when my partner and I think it is good and the opposing net player 'did not see.'

I acknowledge that it is hard to call the service line as the returner on big serves and there is often an instinctive reaction to call a close to line serve which 'got you' out. However there is no excuse for the 'did not see' from their partner.
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