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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Unfortunately, the only thing 'kooky' are your views and your irrational hypersensitivity. You repeatedly describe BHBR as a control string and Alu as a power string. Most people will say that you've got that back to front and completely wrong.
So in terms of credibility of opinion, your credibility is pretty low. You don't have any oil paintings at home do you?
Took you long to reply for a person that is 24-7 in this forum...your come back shoulds be " the jerk store called...they run out of you"....that will make it more laughable.
"Hypersensitive" hahahahaha!! Please mate im not the one going at it to anybody that have a different point of view. Grow up.

BHBR IS a control oriented string. Still think that you have to be so mediocre on court and come here to elevate your ego.

Shhhhhh Milosh!!

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