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Originally Posted by Uvijek Argen View Post
Yes string are a personal thing, I do agree on that. What you dont know is that Im in central florida, I know PP. Know his style of game, and can chime in what might work for him or not.

I dont know how you play or whats your playing style, you could be a 4.0(nothing wrong with that) and have semi developed strokes that wont do any harm doesnt matter what string or tension you do. Right?
True, you would definitely make a better judgement since you know PP in person.

We use a different rating over here so I am not entirely sure how that works out. Loosely basing on some my hitting partners who have a NTRP of 4.0. So I guess somewhere around that figure.

Funny, I have always thought people with semi developed strokes are more prone to injuries.
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