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It isn't entirely clear to me, but which line are you talking about? Is the returner calling the serves long, or wide?

For me in doubles, the line parallel to the net/baseline, or long call, is primarily the responsibility of the returner's partner, so if it's that line that the returner is calling very tight and the partner is not seeing, then I think you've got a legitimate reason to be annoyed. The returner has a much worse angle to see that call clearly than the returner's partner, assuming the partner is playing up.

If it's the line perpendicular to the net/baseline, to me that's usually the returner's line to call. If I'm the returner's partner, I'm not going to overrule my partner on that line very often unless I'm just very sure it was a mistake. It's hard to see that line clearly from the net, the angle is just bad.

I do have a serve that I like in the deuce court that basically starts like it's going wide and then twists its way in due to the spin on it, so I can sympathize with occasionally having someone who isn't used to seeing that serve call it wide several times when I strongly suspect it is landing in.
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