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Originally Posted by Uvijek Argen View Post
Arent you the kook banned that praise BHBR and Scorpion?, yet no pro use it. But now Kirilenko use Yonex pro tour and now means something? Get lost!!

I swear mate, I have my doubt that you are even a decent player. Usually the quiet ones are. Got to learn to be more humble.

If you want to keep it simple, just dont quote me and neither get in my conversation, tired of your posts.
Originally Posted by Uvijek Argen View Post
Yes string are a personal thing, I do agree on that. What you dont know is that Im in central florida, I know PP. Know his style of game, and can chime in what might work for him or not.

I dont know how you play or whats your playing style, you could be a 4.0(nothing wrong with that) and have semi developed strokes that wont do any harm doesnt matter what string or tension you do. Right?
1- So you think what you have to say is more important than Kirilenko using??

2- You may know anybody, but players are different, different racquets, different way to hit the ball, different technique etc...

3- You are wrong here. If anything the guys with worse technique will suffer more, no wonder why poly strings are only recommended for high level players with fast racquet head speed. What is your level anyway? 6.0?
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