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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
UA at some point this weather will finally end and we can hit. I am pretty much locked and loaded with the gut/poly. I have been using it for months and nothing really beats it. I like to check out other offerings, but full poly and I may be done for good. gut/poly has so much more versatility to it.
Sure PP, we keep the head up to see when we can hit.
Since I have the IG Rad Pro is so soft and flex I dont need to do full gut jobs and I being stringing with Wilson gut/Genesis Typhoon myself.

Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
UA, did you try the trigger point stuff for your elbow?
Hey Mike, I read it but I never put it to practice since I wasn't playing anyhow. Im pretty much 90% heal, playing twice a week pain free, but I thank so much for sending it and your good words.
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