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Default A Birthday Thread With a Twist

Each of us has a birthday, a day when we usually receive rather than give presents. We all have identities too, many not shared on the forums through our poasts and contributions.

Here's my idea...take some time to compose a birthday message to all of us on your special day. It could be anything you, non-tennis, words, graphics (Senti, gifking knows what I mean). Just pick a little something to let all of us know a little more about you and rid a bit of the facelessness we share.

I know there's gazillions of social networking forums out there to share on but I'm quite frankly tired of endless updates on trips to the mall or restaurants I get hammered with by people I hardly know. I do choose to interact with a lot of you because of our common interest, so take a step towards networking here and contribute once a year.

Obviously, guys/gals born in late June have a little less lead-in time to compose than the rest so if you're tardy, please still share.

Hope this takes off! I'll poast in mid-October but hope to read a few between now and then
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