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Just received my strings today.

Playtest: Day 1
Okay guys I just couldn't wait to try these strings so after about 4 hours after stringing it I got on court for a test hit. I played about 3 hours, varying from baseline play, volleys, smashes, serves, and returns.

Your regular string set up: Gosen OG Sheep in the mains and Pro Supex Big Ace in the crosses, 52/48 lbs.[/B]
Confirm the prototype you received - B
Whether or not you used a full set or hybrid for the playtest: Hybrid
If hybrid, list the other string used and whether it was in mains or crosses: Gosen OG Sheep in the crosses, prototype in the mains
Tension used for playtest: Used it in two racquets, one is strung at 50/46 and the other is 55/53
Racquet brand and model used for test: Both racquets were Pro Kennex Silver Ace 90 racquets
Power level of test string or hybrid: Racquet 1(50/46 lbs) had a lot more pop than my previous string job with Solinco Tour Bite, Racquet 2(55/53lbs) had a little less pop than usual. One thing to note is the higher strung racquet didn't get as much pop on the serve.
Feel (crisp? mushy? soft? stiff? off center feedback?) Racquet 1: Stiff/crisp, it felt like Solinco Tour Bite but it was a lot more arm friendly. I probably didn't need to hybrid it with a syn gut in the crosses, felt very crisp which I like a lot. Racquet 2: Very stiff/crisp like the other racquet, I'm glad that I used syn gut in the crosses at 54lbs because it sort of hurt my wrist at first but after about 30 minutes it started feeling a lot better.
Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable?) Racquet 1 was strung at about 48lbs, the racquettune app read about 53.2lbs and after the 3 hours it dropped to 52.5lbs, it was still very playable after 3 hours. Racquet 2 was strung at about 54lbs, the racquettune app read about 57.3lbs and after 3 hours it dropped to 54.8lbs, it was still playable and it felt a lot better than when I first started hitting with it.
Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) Control was there in both racquet 1 and 2, I tried inside out forehands, cross court buggywhips, and volleys. They were all going in the direction I wanted it to. Volleys felt very crisp and the serve was good, but lacked power on the first serve. However on the second serve it helped me get a little more kick on the kick serve and good angle on the slice out wide.
Spin: Hahahahaha, this string doesn't have much competition IMO in the spin area. I was ripping the felt off the ball like I would with the Solinco Tour Bite but I could also flatten out some shots more than I would with Tour Bite.
Compare to the string you use most often: My usual Gosen mains and Pro supex cross setup is geared more towards touch and power, the prototype and the gosen crosses helped me in the spin aspect of my game. I can't really compare these two, but I can with the Solinco Tour Bite and gosen crosses hybrid. Overall in the first 3 hours of hitting I really liked the prototype more than the Solinco Tour Bite in all areas.
Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension?) If you play it in a fullbed go no higher than 57lbs(if you use a racquet larger than a 98"), since I used a 90" racquet for the play test I would recommend around 52lbs, it gave me an added boost in spin and I could still flatten out the ball.
General comments (please summarize likes and dislikes) There weren't many dislikes for the string because it helped me get the control/spin I need to control my hard hitting baseline game. The only dislike I have is that it is still quite stiff, a little bit easier on the arm than Solinco Tour Bite.

Note that this is only 3 hours of hitting, I will continually play test this for another 4 days and post my readings of the tension from using the racquettune app.

After about 5 days of testing I broke the lower tensioned hybrid on the top of the mains. The tension dropped about 10lbs since the initial readings.

My final impressions are that the string was significantly better in terms of comfortability than Tour Bite, however it lost a lot of tension in 5 days of hitting. Still a good string though.

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