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Default Anyway, getting back to the subject of YPTP...

I just received YPTP and strung it up. Pretty easy to string. It has a matte finish instead of the typical shiny poly coating. Almost like a syn gut, but doesn't stretch nearly as much. Weighs about the same as a standard poly. YPTP seems like it's a little thicker than 1.25, maybe 1.27? Bouncing the ball off the stringbed at 45lbs feels soft yet crisp, similar to 55lb PSGD stringbed.

Caveat: When stringing YPTP, make sure you wear sunglasses or better yet, welding helmet. Even then make sure you don't stare directly into the stringbed. YPTP is THAT bright. Hopefully I can hit with this within the next 2 or 3 days. My guess is that YPTP is on the very soft, arm friendly range for a poly. Hopefully it has the spin and control of a poly. Good tension maintenance would be an added bonus.
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