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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
The enigmatic (or should that be 'shambolic'?) situation re Spurs and a new manager has at least been enlivened by the now public news that Sigurrdson is close to being snatched from Liverpool's hands. Of course what with the longest protracted deal in history to sign the Ajax skipper, Vertonghen, STILL not resolved, and with us having actually signed NOBODY, I'm not taking anything for granted until it's signed and sealed. But with Chelsea and Arsenal having already got a few players in (another one for AFC today I believe), we're way behind.

BTW, July 1st is the day I've been reliably informed who our manager is will be made public. As my info derives from the same sources who gave me great info re Redknapp being sacked weeks before it happened, I'm earmarking that day to finally be put out of my misery. And FWIW, the rumours are also still circulating that we are being taken over by a new company, investors, etc.

Whatever, I fully expect it's going to be a killer announcement... Guardilola on a 3-year deal and we've also secured 5 of Barca's first team!
They're saying it's Villas-Boas, which could be good for Spurs. They don't really have alot to lose, even if it doesn't work out too well and they drop a few places, it wouldn't be massive. If it does come off and he gets them into the Champions League, he'll of done well.

His style probably suits Tottenham, i'm interested to see how he handles the players this time though. A few weeks ago the Spurs players were wary of having him as their new manager, maybe he's learnt a few things and will pay more attention to forming a bond with them this time round.
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