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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
Based on the title of your thread I'm really not surprised you have come to this. When I read it, I shuttered and thought, that's unrealistic and totally outcome focused. This is the type of thought pattern that leads to tight play, disinterest and burnout. When it's all about the W or the L, a crash at worst or re-evaluation at best is usually going to come.

You need to be more process focused. Look for little improvements every day. It can be anything. Focus on 100% effort and having the best attitude every practice, every point, every day. Don't worry about what others think, gain satisfaction in knowing you're working your hardest every practice and match. You need to read or get the tapes to Jeff Greenwald's Fearless Tennis. This guy is the real deal. Read his stuff and you'll be a new tennis player and person for it. Seriously. Also, Dr. John Murray has a great website, a mental strength test, news updates, articles and advice. These resources offer far more than I can give you here.

Remember its a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the journey. As you get older the journey will change and your tennis experience will be over shadowed by job, family and other things. This is all good. Enjoy your tennis now while you have it. It's a game, have fun with it.

Good luck. I like your blog and keep it up the good work.
Thank you for the advice. To clear the title up, it was really just meant as a joke because throughout my injury my coach and I would keep joking about how next year I would come back, play #1 and go undefeated. She would sometimes check in on my old thread, so I thought why not use that as the title. I see what you are saying though. It is a big goal and would be a tough one at that. I will definitely read and look into Jeff Greenwald's stuff as well as the others you have posted.

As for the tennis, my past few sessions have went decently. I have run out of string, so I was stuck using a 1.32mm poly and OGSM hybrid.... sucks man. My friend gave me a set of 1.08mm Hexonic though so I should be good until I decide to order more Focus Hex.

The past few days have been really windy, but like I said, the hitting sessions have gone fairly well. Today I hit with my friends mom's boyfriend... Confusing. He is over 55 and a 5.0. Aka, plays in 5.0 tournaments and has success. I want to get back into serving and volleying and get better at it and he is one of the guys that is known to be a very good serve and volleyer. So I asked him to give me some tips and he agreed. After the hit I felt way more comfortable at the net and coming in off the serve and hitting that first volley. Just need more practice. My backhand finally decided to come out today too. Was hitting it pretty solid, just not as deep as I would like it. I have a problem generating a lot of pace off of that side, but I figure as long as I play a moderately hard hitter, I should be fine. I have my slice too in case I don't.

The gym has been going really well too! I HIT MY 205LBx5x1 DEADLIFT TODAY!!!! F*** YEAH! I was so pumped after I got it and just wanted to jump around screaming in the gym and celebrate, but I didn't. Even though it isn't that much weight, I see it as a big milestone because I couldn't even do leg exercises one month ago. Going to the gym has been kind of the saving grace and keeping me happy as of late. There is something about giving it all you have pushing the weight that just gets me. Even more so than tennis.
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