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Originally Posted by TenFanLA View Post
I just received YPTP and strung it up. Pretty easy to string. It has a matte finish instead of the typical shiny poly coating. Almost like a syn gut, but doesn't stretch nearly as much. Weighs about the same as a standard poly. YPTP seems like it's a little thicker than 1.25, maybe 1.27? Bouncing the ball off the stringbed at 45lbs feels soft yet crisp, similar to 55lb PSGD stringbed.

Caveat: When stringing YPTP, make sure you wear sunglasses or better yet, welding helmet. Even then make sure you don't stare directly into the stringbed. YPTP is THAT bright. Hopefully I can hit with this within the next 2 or 3 days. My guess is that YPTP is on the very soft, arm friendly range for a poly. Hopefully it has the spin and control of a poly. Good tension maintenance would be an added bonus.
At 53/50lbs, it feels soft enough for me. Hopefully it works out well for you at 45lbs.

Tension maintenance is above average. I have been monitoring with the racquetune app, so I would say SPPP and MSV are better in that department.

YPTP will never be the best poly string ever known to man. But just the color alone, it is good enough a reason to stock up on them. If they came in shinny silicone coated fluorescent yellow, that would be a bloody ripper.
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