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Originally Posted by Feña14 View Post
They're saying it's Villas-Boas, which could be good for Spurs. They don't really have alot to lose, even if it doesn't work out too well and they drop a few places, it wouldn't be massive. If it does come off and he gets them into the Champions League, he'll of done well.

His style probably suits Tottenham, i'm interested to see how he handles the players this time though. A few weeks ago the Spurs players were wary of having him as their new manager, maybe he's learnt a few things and will pay more attention to forming a bond with them this time round.
Yes, it almost certainly will be AVB it seems.

However, I don't actually expect him to get us into the Champions League next season - and I certainly wouldn't have expected us to with Redknapp either, had he remained. Last season was a freak year where Chelsea and Arsenal are concerned, and it's in part due to the abject failure to capitalize on this by Harry that got him the boot. City and United should be battling it out right at the summit. Chelsea (having spent astonomical sums) and the gooners (having bought well I think) should be back to more consistently dominant ways. I also expect Liverpool to be a lot better. Even Newcastle should surely be highly regarded.

Anyhow, I think it's a broad and more long-term project that Levy wants AVB to spear-head (and, yes, ultimately it will be regular CL footy we'll be requiring.) It's also about the style of football IMO (Levy is after a tactically progressive way of playing, I reckon.) It's definitely going to be about signings procedures (Levy never trusted HR with the £) and being able to work within certain constraints and alongside Levy, Lewis, etc. There's the proposed stadium change issue, which will have an influence. And there's a few other factors besides.

Will it work with AVB? I don't know. I also don't know if it would work with Blanc, Deschamps, deBoer, Emery, Benitez, Klinnsman, or Rijkhaard - all of whom who I really would seriously consider for the job.

Strangely though perhaps, I do actually trust Levy to a high degree. Yes, he has ballsed up managerial appointments in the past. He isn't perfect. But he is very hard-headed in his transfer dealings. I think he has the best interests of fans at heart and is tuned in to their views. I think he genuinely loves the club and his role, and isn't just in it for ulterior reasons. I generally think he's a pretty tough/smart cookie TBH.

So... yes, Fena... let's hope Villas-Boas isn't a complete d***head!
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