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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
There is a good article by Matthew Syed in The Times today along similar lines. If I knew how to post it I would. One of the points he draws out is that England's possession stats for the Italy (and I think France) games were equivalent to those recorded when Championship teams play a Premiership side.
Cheers for link.

Have to say S, after these Euros, very quickly and certainly from the Swedish game onwards, I feel more negative and disgruntled with England than ever.

I can now see why Liverpool fans were so unhappy with Hodgson... rather like with my club at WHL, I think England desperately need a younger, progressive, tactically flexible and astute astute man in charge who isn't essentially 4-4-2 stick-in-the-mud and actually likes possession of the football.

Is it too early to join/start a "Hodgson out" campaign!
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