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Originally Posted by t135 View Post
I haven't heard of any molestations either. But anyone who lies as much as he does in a public forum hurts other people. I don't do that and I don't have serious issues, he does. You got that backwards.

This is the equivalent of Charlie Sheen speaking out on the USTA. Or Alec Baldwin. Just because they are celebrities, people scramble to listen. Hannity is an entertainer right up there with Ted Nugent and Howard Stern. And he happens to play tennis.

The guy has no credibility.
If you consider Hannity a liar during his show on Fox, then you have to lump all the mainstream jounalists that Hannity criticizes into an even worse category. People like Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams, George Stephanopoulis, Wolf Blitzer, and others who claim to be true journalists have been called out by Hannity for making lies, twisting the facts, and editing tapes to further their own agendas. Without Hannity and others to keep them in check, they would be even more out-of-control. That kind of stuff is even worse when it comes from mainstream journalists who present themselves to the public as being fair. At least Hannity doesn't claim to be a journalist. He is a talk show host and people know that up front.
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