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Originally Posted by WCT View Post
Sorry, krosero, I didn't do % stats for points won on serve. Surprised to hear about all those early break points, though. I reread Segura's take on the match.
He did say that it was the best he had ever seen Connors serve. Makes no mention of tons of break points. Says that outside of Newcombe's one break to win the second set that Connors had very little difficulty holding.

He did mention that Connors used the kick serve to Newcombe's forehand very well, and that he would stay back on that serve so as not to give Newk a target. He also mentions how he thinks smaller players, like Connors, should not serve and volley all the time. That they should mix it up. But that is consistent with his theme on Connors whenever his name is mentioned in the book. His unpredictability as in his ability to play from all parts of the court. He can stay back or come in. The one thing he lacks are the touch shots like drop shots.

In that 4th set, the game he is broken was really the only time Newk was in trouble. There was a questionable call that gave Connors 15-40, IIRC. Surprised CBS never showed a replay.

CBS got caught with their live mics a little too close. During one of the changeovers Connors is looking for a piece of a gum from his mother. Nobody has any, and Connors cursed on air. The dangers of live tv.
he did try the drop shot on occasion, but they rarely worked and he was smart enough to use them when he was trying to reserve energy and end a loosing game quickly.
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