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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Cheers for link.

Have to say S, after these Euros, very quickly and certainly from the Swedish game onwards, I feel more negative and disgruntled with England than ever.

I can now see why Liverpool fans were so unhappy with Hodgson... rather like with my club at WHL, I think England desperately need a younger, progressive, tactically flexible and astute astute man in charge who isn't essentially 4-4-2 stick-in-the-mud and actually likes possession of the football.

Is it too early to join/start a "Hodgson out" campaign!
I know it is fashionable to blame the manager in English football(& probably most countries) but the players got the manager they deserved!
Put another way, England don't have the players to play possession football,
England played the only way they knew how & nearly stole the game from Italy on penalties.
I haven't seen or heard of an English team who have played outright possession football. Maybe in 1966 but even then possession was pretty even, I think?
Hodgson shouldn't be flogged for getting the most out of what he was given.
I think you should be glad he managed to get the team working together, this was one of the most professional tournament teams to represent England for quite a while.

Good luck finding the players to play possession football, it might take 10 years.
It has taken Germany 12! (they started in 2000)
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