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Originally Posted by raging View Post
I know it is fashionable to blame the manager in English football(& probably most countries) but the players got the manager they deserved!
Put another way, England don't have the players to play possession football,
England played the only way they knew how & nearly stole the game from Italy on penalties.
I haven't seen or heard of an English team who have played outright possession football. Maybe in 1966 but even then possession was pretty even, I think?
Hodgson shouldn't be flogged for getting the most out of what he was given.
I think you should be glad he managed to get the team working together, this was one of the most professional tournament teams to represent England for quite a while.

Good luck finding the players to play possession football, it might take 10 years.
It has taken Germany 12! (they started in 2000)

Maybe not the players he brought, look at Swansea who had a base midfield of Joe Allen (Welsh) and Leon Britton (English) and a combination of English/Welsh defenders and wingers yet were consistently among the top 5-6 all year in possession statistics across Europe, their wingers being poor at finishing and Graham being average were their downfall but it shows that English players can play possession to great effect (at home they absolutely passed City off the park for 70 minutes and we have some of the best midfielders in the world).

If someone like Roberto Martinez were to take over England I'm sure possession football would come. Barry, Carrick, Cleverley, and Wilshere would be capable of this and I'm sure other mids could do this pretty well if the system was implemented.

With Hodgson it's always going to be 'defend first' counterattacking football in a 4-4-2, if he managed Spain he would do the same thing.
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