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Default "Are you playing a match?"

In a recent small tournament, my opponent and I each served every other game, called the score before each point when serving, played with three new balls, adjusted the score-keeping device on each changeover and switched sides after each odd game.

During one changeover late in the first set, a player on the next court asked me, "Are you playing a match?"

I replied, "Yes, I'm playing in the same tournament you are."

Her question seemed very odd to me, though, and I couldn't stop myself from thinking about it as I played. I realize I need to concentrate on the game at hand and not let myself get distracted. The realization that I was being distracted frustrated me. This was my first singles tournament, and I wonder:

Is it typical for players on the next court to ask questions during your match, even during a changeover?
Why would someone ask me whether I was playing a match when it was obvious that I was?
How would you have replied?
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