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Originally Posted by WARPWOODIE View Post
Hmmm? You do know where I'm going with this.
yea, I see where you are going with this....on a fishing expedition into his motives. Why not just address the substance of his comments instead of trying to discredit and attack his motivations ?

It's more than likely that anyone who has any interest in this issue (the 2014 Junior Tournament Schedule) has some skin in this game. For instance, I don't bowl and my kids don't bowl, so therefore I don't have any interest in the negotiations for 2016-2020 professional bowling association TV contract. Mk kids play tennis so I am interested in this.

Given his kids age, their development, I can imagine he was probably starting to plan ahead, set some goals for his kids, etc, and realized that just around the time his oldest could be ready to play at the Winternationals....they were going to cancel the Winternationals. I had a similar WTF moment. Also, as the parent of a child with an end of June birthday, and reading Hannity's post, I suspect his kids are spring babies as well. This is something that smacked me in the face when I read the schedule that the USTA doesn't even mention when they sell the brilliance of the new schedule.

These changes are not going into affect for another year and half, so the kids who are 14+ or so and already playing national tournaments these changes will have little affect. The biggest affect is on today 10, 11 and 12 year olds.
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