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Originally Posted by Orange View Post
In a recent small tournament, my opponent and I each served every other game, called the score before each point when serving, played with three new balls, adjusted the score-keeping device on each changeover and switched sides after each odd game.

During one changeover late in the first set, a player on the next court asked me, "Are you playing a match?"

I replied, "Yes, I'm playing in the same tournament you are."

Her question seemed very odd to me, though, and I couldn't stop myself from thinking about it as I played. I realize I need to concentrate on the game at hand and not let myself get distracted. The realization that I was being distracted frustrated me. This was my first singles tournament, and I wonder:

Is it typical for players on the next court to ask questions during your match, even during a changeover?
Why would someone ask me whether I was playing a match when it was obvious that I was?
How would you have replied?
I was recently playing a league match at a public court, and some people who were waiting for a court asked if we were playing a match, and I said, matter of factly, "yes", with a smile. No problem, they waited and actually got a different court before we were done. Happens a lot to me when I'm playing a match at my local public courts because most of the people who play at those courts aren't in the league.

Your experience (situation), from what you wrote, seems to have been a bit different from that. One can only suppose that it wasn't obvious to the questioner that you were playing a match ... which raises other questions.

Anyway, of course, if you were all playing matches in the same small tournament, then your reply seems most appropriate. In the situation you related I would probably have replied in a bit more sarcastic, but still friendly, way -- maybe something like, "duh", with a nice smile.
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