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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
I agree with you Ross. We aren't asking England to play like Spain, nor are we asking a manager to take a bunch of guys off a site and turn them into technically accomplished footballers. We are asking the manager to identify what he wants from the fuLl time professional players and then to see them respond. The idea that our players can't respond if they are given the right incentives is a strange one.

It is an error to think that we can survive if we don't play possession football. It is also an error to think that we don't aspire to play possession football. As Fena pointed out in one of his posts we will do it against less good teams and we will do it because it is to our advantage. Playing without the ball is exhausting. Controlling the ball is critical.
All of that is great when the other guys don't want the ball too..
Agreed 100% England must aspire to getting the ball.
Not saying the english players don't want to play this style but you have to pick a side that is functional.Roy has to wear that criticism but I think he did a pretty good job, some guys who might of played lost form, had injuries or didn't fit with his system. He is a bit of a fireman, he goes in, rescues teams, gets people out safe & if possible with their respect intact.
This is no criticism as he is very good at it & saved England from what could have been a disaster, he molded a team, maybe not the one you guys wanted but one that worked.
I find it ironical that I am defending Hodgson because I don't like the system of football he plays & thought it was absolute madness playing Italy without man-marking Pirlo. This guy destroys zones!
I think this was his biggest folly as he could have used Parker, it would have left a huge hole but it would have created havoc within Italy's set-up.
But this is England we are talking about & being brave in making selections is not a strength.

Rooney needed a strike, midfield partner to make him more dangerous. Gerrard & Parker ran around & ran their hearts out, brave & strong, nobody could doubt their committment to the shirt.
But where were the creators in midfield?
Until they get someone who steps up & says playmaker, you actually need 2 to make it work & even then it can be shut down as we saw with Spain last night. They had arguably 4 & created chances but still got squashed out of shape a bit.

Really looking forward to how Germany deal with Pirlo & create chances with their playmakers, so difficult to get a chance to start for them.
There is a traffic jam to get into their side & the competition is fierce.
Will be fascinating watching Germany in 2 years.
They are impatient though & believe it is their time...

Sorry for diverging onto Euro but it reflects one future direction of international football. The Premier League is a strange, tribal beast that is now populated by highly paid international footballers who have less allegiance to the cause. Every footballer wants to win for their country.

I am sure a lot of Chinese coaches, those going to coach in China are taking notes, videos etc. In 10 years there will be some more amazing Chinese players..all countries should continue developing players.
Hope England can keep up.
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