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Originally Posted by pshulam View Post
That's an excellent price. Were they purchased from a garage/flea market/thrift/charity sale?

It's possible to shave or sand it down to size. However, it's not recommended as it will compromise the integrity of the racquet because of changes in angle and width of bevels.
That's what I did, shaved it 1.5 size down, and placed 2 over grips on the bare handle. Now its a little bit lighter, which is good for me since its a bit heavy already.
Bevels do feel different, but nothing I cant get used to.

I gotta say one more time, this racket has such a solid feel on contact its unbelievable good!!

He bought it from some guy that buys ~100 rackets for 1-2 euro each, not sure where he gets them from, I think its from Austria.

@Dave M
That's not possible with this racket

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