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: face palm :

What does a chick have to do to let a guy know she is interested?

Come on, boys. *Pay attention.* She wanted to make contact, maybe flirt a little with the smokin' hot guy on the next court. How else is she supposed to do this? She could say, "Wow, that's some FH you have there!" but then this might make him start missing his FH and then he would blame her.

So she went with the obvious and innocuous, "Are you playing a match?" Orange was supposed to reply with something lighthearted, just to get the conversation going. Maybe, "Yeah, he's tough. How about you? Are you playing a match?" Then she could say, "Yeah, I'm almost done. I'll wait for you at the scorer's table. I'm dying to hear how your match goes."

But noooooooooooooooo. She got the brush off, and now she feels like an idiot.

: repeat face palm :
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