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Originally Posted by 6-1 6-3 6-0 View Post
Who will win in this encounter?

Nadal enters the second round of Wimbledon yet again, bidding for his third title and his 6th consecutive final (including only his attempts, not 2009). Winning the title would give Nadal his 3rd channel slam, at the age of only 26, tying Bjorn Borg, so that he would be only 1 final away from matching Federer's 7 Wimbledon finals (and of course, only 5 slams away from breaking the all-time record, and giving him the opportunity to win three different slams on three different surfaces in a calendar year TWICE).

Why is every new Nadal fan that comes is a **** fanboy? Can't they just be normal people? Oh, they can't, they like Nadal. Never mind.
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