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I am sure that a lot of what you say is true. The thing about possession is that it helps you to do all the things you are talking about. If you don't have the ball you have to chase it. The longer you have to chase it the less you are able to do when you have it. The more chasers you have the fewer creators. What you want England to do is a function of possession and their lack of it.

This debate started with the shortcomings of our defence. What we want first is the ability to control the ball defensively. People are now starting to realise that the great strength and purpose in Spain's game is defending and that possession is everything to that, together with the ability to convert defence to attack. All things being equal international football matches are won by the team that recycles the ball most efficiently. Take the ball away from danger for you and put it somewhere dangerous for them. And then when they regroup, move it again.
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